Hi, my name is Yehoishophot Oliver.

I’m an Orthodox Jew affiliated with the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. I’m also a rabbi. This is my blog commenting on current events.

The explanation for my site name: I believe that our society is in the throes of a weltanschauung kampf, a “worldview struggle”. A titanic struggle of worldviews between a secularist, hedonistic, neo-pagan culture associated with leftist, liberal, feminist ideological influences and biblical and faith-based conservative, traditionalist, pro-chastity, pro-marriage, pro-family forces on the other.

Obviously, I identify with the latter.

Yes, the situation is in many ways far more complex, and there is much overlap and nuance between these two extremes. For instance, some people are traditional-minded but secular, while others are technically religious but ideologically very liberal. Some apparently secular folks are advancing some genuinely worthy agendas, while some apparently religious folk are advocating for fundamentally secularist causes. So to say there’s a clear-cut, black-and-white situation of “us versus them” is an oversimplification.

Still, society is struggling between two conflicting and polarizing influences:

  • Even many strong traditionalists feel the tempting pull of the siren song of the new atheism. They are left with their mouths hanging open when it comes to defending their faith against very aggressive ideological attacks, and are harbor confusion and dobt inside.
  • Conversely, many secularists sense the vain emptiness in modern pop culture and seek roots, purpose, and Absolute Truth. Inside, they crave to be led to a lifestyle of Higher Purpose.

In this blog, I hope to explore these issues while drawing on the wisdom of Orthodox Judaism, presenting its timeless teachings as a source for moral guidance in our turbulent times.

Unfortunately, my posts will address multiple issues, and so different posts will appeal to different people. Some posts will address issues related to the Orthodox Jewish community in particular, some will address issues related to the general Jewish community, and some will discuss issues related to society at large. Some posts will address world events, while others will specifically focus on events in the Holy Land.

Polite comments, including critiques, are welcome. Personal attacks are not.

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