Boteach’s Misguided Criticism of Mormons

Shmueli Boteach wrote an article here berating Mormons for ousting open homosexuals. He’s barking up the wrong tree.

The Mormons are rightly taking a moral stand that homosexual behavior is immoral and unacceptable. They see how in our confused and decadent times action must be taken, and so they’ve enacted firm rules in order to protect themselves.

Although the kids might suffer from their church’s edict, and that is indeed unfortunate, the fault is on the heads of the “parents” who feely choose to live that lifestyle, when they could choose to be chaste.

Also, there is a difference between a private and a public sin. When these folks sin openly, they set a detrimental example to the faith-based community, so the community is entitled to take measures to protect itself from these influences.

The Mormons’ measures are reasonable and understandable. Some such rules are necessary and worthy, and whether they could be a little more or a little strict is irrelevant.

In any case, of all people, Boteach shouldn’t be picking on them. Although many of their theological beliefs are heretical from a Torah standpoint, in terms of Torah-based morality, the Mormons are very righteous. Not only are they righteous in comparison with their secular counterparts, but on the whole, they are fighting bravely against the tide of secularism by following worthy standards of modesty, early marriage, and large families at far higher rates of success than most other Christian denominations.

Boteach should stick to criticising the real threat to western civilization: the radical liberal secularist agenda that promotes sexual sin as if it were a worthy deed.

Through the “it ain’t so terrible to be a practicing homosexual” sentiment of his article, Boteach is also directly supporting the radical, anti-religious homosexualist agenda, which has set its sights on destroying all religious values and replacing them with its heretical, hedonist ones. He should be standing up for timeless Torah-based, biblical values, not glossing over these sins and condemning those who take a stand against them in order to preserve their communities’ moral compass.

If we’re talking about adults’ actions having harmful effects on children, Boteach should instead speak out against the immoral law that says that homosexuals and lesbians can adopt children, and inculcate them with the false notion that one can have two dads but no mom or two moms but no dad, thus depriving the innocent, helpless child of a mother or father figure; along with this, he should call out those “parents” who take advantage of this immoral law and adopt children.

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