The New Atheist Religion of Political Correctness

In the modern zeitgeist, an ideology reigns supreme that is not so much a philosophy as a culture of strict conformity to a code of conduct no less rigid than that required in a formal religion. The penalty for disobedience to this standard is immediate: vehement public shaming and ruthless ostracism.

Unlike traditional religion based on faith in a Higher Power, though, the rules of this religion are constantly changing—and coming to encompass harsh disapproval and subjugation of increasingly larger segments of society.

The main “thought” leaders of this ideology are the feminist movement and more recently, the closely-affiliated “gay rights” movement.

This is the ideology of political correctness, which teaches professes to be all about sensitivity and tolerance. In our times, this is the most prevalent source of moral confusion, irrational thinking, and downright intellectual intimidation:

Moral confusion: Although an inner voice says one thing, when faced with the tremendous social pressure of the dogmatic leftist culture, the person’s value system shifts subconsciously to view political correctness as a superior standard of making moral judgments to any one that he used to follow (especially one religiously based). Morality and goodness is redefined at its core as slavish obedience to the political correctness agenda, while dissent from their party line is condemned as intolerance, racism, bigotry, and indeed the very essence of evil.

Irrational thinking: Attempts to question any of their accepted theories are never met with a civil, intelligent response.

Intellectual intimidation: Political correctness zealots stifle rational thought by shaming all who disagree into submission. Dissidents are contemptuously branded as intolerant, hateful, and bigoted, and treated as the incarnation of evil, or at least second-class citizens.

In obscene doublespeak, political correctness professes to be all about promoting love, harmony, tolerance, empathy, and common understanding but in reality it promotes intolerance and hatred on a scale unprecedented in the modern era. Once a person is labeled intolerant according to the left’s latest definition, license is given to condemn that person and his beliefs in a display of not only intolerance but vicious loathing and persecution that includes having him fired from his job and censured in the media.

Moreover, the political correctness police are actively campaigning for their radical new definitions of the concepts of hate speech, civil rights, discrimination, sexuality, and gender to become written into government legislation so that anyone who voices dissent from their views based on their personal convictions, and especially their religious beliefs, is liable to be sued and fined, including re-education camps. Once the radical left has co-opted the legal system to enforce its ideology on one and all, increasing turning thriving democracies in the direction of fascist, totalitarian dictatorships, all in the name of promoting peace and tolerance.

First and foremost, this ideology is now targeting religious beliefs and religious freedom. Since religions advocate a standard of right and wrong that is not politically correct, religion must be crushed. There are two levels to this: individuals citizens and religious leaders.

The public in general must know that refusal to cooperate with the left’s rules of business conduct on religious grounds will be met with a crippling lawsuit. In general, open religious expression is unwelcome in the public sphere (unlike open affiliation with modern secular movements, which will be cheered): in colleges, the military, the workplace, and at social events. In particular, public schools are enlisted to indoctrinate children in the new morality despite it conflicting with the religious beliefs of the parents of the children and the very principle of separation of church that the left holds so very dear and so often adduces as proof for its policies.

The next step is inhibiting religious clerics. Those who voice an “intolerant” opinion must be punished by being deprived of tax-exempt status; clerics must be forced by the state to perform ritual services even against their conscience and explicit religious texts, and there is even talk of mandating that religious leaders excise “offensive” verses from religious texts.

Moreover, the left are anything if not persistent. Once they’ve “achieved” one victory, they are emboldened to agitate for the next one, and then the next.

Even if it is not affecting you now, it surely will eventually. We dare not be complacent.

As believers, we must know that this is an attack on our faith, and not only on our faith, but on any faith in a Higher Being Who prescribes objective morality. This is an insatiable movement to overthrow religion, marriage, family, and ultimately all of civilization, G-d forbid. If we allow this rampage to continue in its current direction, the outcome will be disastrous. o

This is a moral war, a religious war, a civil war.

Let’s fight back.

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