Why Do They Want Us to Stay Home?

Stay home if you can to help America contain coronavirus, save lives.

They want us to stay home. Clearly not for our health; that’s a laughable pack of lies. The government? Genuinely concerned about our health? What a joke!

But why? Why do they want us so badly to stay home? What is the hidden agenda? This is the question we should be asking.

In my view, it starts with understanding that this is a massive psy-op, a covert psychological warfare operation to instill fear in the populace for the sake of mass mind control—fear-based mind control. When the people are in a state of fear, they do not think critically. They operate emotionally and they’re much more susceptible to being controlled and dominated.

How does staying home accomplish this?

Let us count the ways:

We believe their story and we’re filled with fear from the dreaded virus, because if such measures are implemented, they must be necessary—the danger must be grave. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

They imprint in our collective mind the awareness that they are our masters and we are their slaves; they are entitled to order us around and inhibit our freedom, and they can do so even to the extent of forbidding us to even leave our houses, essentially putting us under house arrest.

Massively disrupting a person’s schedule and lifestyle also weakens him psychologically and makes him more susceptible to mind control.

They destroy our businesses—small, medium, and even large—so the big corporations in bed with government can swallow them up and expand their power.

The widespread, unprecedented poverty and unemployment brings the people to far greater dependency on the state for all their needs. Witness how even the supposedly anti­-socialist, conservative leaders of various countries are signing bills for socialist government handouts to all citizens. In some places, there are even bread lines, just like in socialist Venezuela.

They degrade otherwise productive people by subjecting them to idleness.

They traumatize people by depriving them of face-to-face contact with friends and extended family, despite the fact that these loved ones live around the corner. This separation from the elderly in particular creates a generation gap, where the influence of the elderly is diminished and their usefulness for the community as source of support is further diminished from its already sorry state. This division greatly lowers morale, and this is a key part of the agenda of all totalitarian governments—divide and conquer. United we stand, divided we fall.

They weaken us physically through lack of exercise, sunlight, and fresh air.

For those who have children and aren’t used to watching their kids all day, they want to create conflict in the family when parents who need a break get none and when kids fight incessantly and drive their parents up the wall for day after day. Everyone is encroaching on everyone else’s personal space. For those who don’t have children, even the constant contact with one’s spouse with no solid regular break is also disruptive to the relationship.

They want us inside so we won’t see the 5G towers they’re setting up all over the cities, especially in the schools, while we’re not around to see.

They prevent us from going out and protesting against the unjust laws they pass while we’re unable to go out and protest, including the recently-passed law mandating a quick rollout of 5G, a technology which was released without public discussion, was never safety tested and is said by many experts to emit toxic levels of radio-frequency radiation, and which poses serious privacy concerns.

They trap us in front of the television so we will be bombarded with their propaganda in the news and on the commercials. Even if you turn to alternative media like Youtube, they have imposed unprecedented censorship.

They force us to engage constantly with electronics so our every interaction with anyone other than immediate family will be tracked and recorded in their Orwellian databanks. Even the interactions within our houses may be recorded by our devices.

The anguish we suffered while cooped up in our houses is seared into our souls. When the time comes to lift the restrictions, we’ll remember that pain and reflexively, slavishly submit to mandatory testing, vaccines, microchips, and all the other infringements of our liberties they’re planning.

Don’t listen—get out of the house: go to a friend’s house, go to a park for exercise, drive around and say you’re going to a store. Anything that’s not discouraged but technically allowed, you should do.

Don’t conform with this corrupt, illegitimate, sinister edict. Don’t stay home.

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