The Real Incitement

 Tali Hatuel and her daughters. May their blood be avenged.

In recent days, in response to the as-yet unproven accusation that a Jew committed an arson attack that led to the death of an Arab child (which evidence is increasingly showing was in fact a blood libel), Jews on social media have taken to posting a long list of names of Jewish children slain in terror attacks.

The very long list of Jewish victims expresses tangibly the Muslim culture of death, and this comes from the pervasive incitement in the Muslim culture that glorifies killing Jews, which includes such vile practices as distributing candy to children when Jews are slain, awarding large payouts to families of suicide bombers, and then naming streets and plazas after them.

In contrast, among Jews, incidents of murdering Arabs in cold blood are so rare that they can’t even be counted on one hand. Jews have no culture of death at all. (What is quite prevalent, scandalously, is the opposite—a culture of self-inflicted suffering and victimhood: Jews not defending themselves from Arabs and fellow Jews, Jews neglecting to defend fellow Jews from Arabs and fellow Jews, and Jews preventing other Jews from defending themselves from Arabs and fellow Jews.)

As for the claim that it was radical right-wing “settler” rhetoric that led directly to these attacks, this is a false libel.

Yes, “settler” leaders discuss how to solve the problem of the hostile Muslims living next door to us, and continue to remind us of the extent of the propensity to brutality of Arabs even to one another. Leaders must repeat this message time and again, because the leftist-dominated media covers it up. Informing the public of these facts and discussing solutions is not inciting violence, but encouraging self-preservation.

But the very same leaders, even the most “extreme” ones, such as Dr. Michael Ben Ari, Baruch Marzel, and Bentzi Gopshtein have condemned such attacks unequivocally. The only world in which “settlers” and their leaders today serially incite such attacks is the fictitious, slanderous world of BBC, Al Jazeera, Ha’Aretz, and Shabak agent provocateurs such as Avishai Raviv.

Even if there are a very small handful of people with this mentality, this proves nothing about everyone else, as every large group will naturally contain a tiny number of radical elements as unrepresentative outliers. Moreover, these individuals often prove to be clinically psychopathic (as was the case with the murderer of Mohamed Abu Khdir and is apparently also true of Yishai Schlissel).

Yet no matter how much it conflicts with reality, leftists persist in promulgating this libel and repeating it ad nauseam.

This is one of the main “arguments” of left-wingers: Discussing the danger posed by the Muslim populace and culture is racist incitement. Thus, the Jew who blows the whistle on Arab incitement and terror activities in fact promotes wantonly inflicting harm. An act of courage is turned into a hate crime and a hero into a scoundrel. All with the goal of intimidating those who would sound the alarm of the grave danger from Arab terror into silence.

And of course, this is done by naming one or two cases and implying that they are typical, most often Yigal Rabin and Baruch Goldstein. (Never mind that both of these events are very highly suspect of involving government coverups.) These two men are constantly held up as proof that all right-wingers are frothing-at-the-mouth crazies, conveniently exempting leftists from honoring right-wing arguments with an intelligent response.

Moreover, in fact it is the leftists themselves who are guilty of endangerment and incitement (no, this is not incitement against leftists!):

Since the reality is that the presence of Arabs who identify with Hamas, the PLO, and other terrorist groups in our Land poses grave danger, hushing it up through the accusation of incitement—which unfortunately still intimidates many people—has the upshot of making Jews less aware and alert and therefore less motivated to do what must be done to restore safety to the Jewish people (such as only voting for political candidates with a proven record of opposing land surrenders, such as Dr. Michoel Ben Ari). And when the enemy sees how the leftists are minimizing and covering up their crimes, they feel emboldened to attack time and again—may G-d save us.

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