Rabbis Call for Contact Tracing

The Orwellian Australian contract tracing app, named with doublespeak “COVIDSafe”

We are living through terrifying times, and I am not talking about Covid-19.

We are seeing draconian measures enforced in the western world that are harsher than any we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes. This should awaken alarm and skepticism of the explanations we’ve been given for this vast expansion of government power. Yet many people, including in the Jewish community and including in the Orthodox Jewish community, see no problem with these measures, and they willingly encourage and enforce them. Some even do so with zeal and fanaticism, to the point of informing—of reporting to the police anyone who dares disobey the government.

And they’re doing so based on a fundamentally true principle.

However, I believe that in this case, the principle is being grossly and dangerously misapplied.

This is the basic principle in Jewish law that pikuach nefesh, the preservation of life, supersedes all other concerns, even otherwise strict obligations under Jewish law. Based on a doctor’s rulings, one can desecrate the Shabbos/Sabbath, eat non-kosher food, eat on the holy fast day of Yom Kippur. And so on.

During the Covid-19 crisis, many rabbis are telling us that we must obey the government health experts, because Jewish law says that one should listen to health experts, to the point that one even violates what is normally forbidden based on their word.

When rabbis tell us this, they are not really telling us anything new and different. This is a basic principle in Jewish law. We don’t need an expert rabbi who devoted his life to advanced scholarship to know that danger to life is an overriding principle; any schoolchild knows this.

The issue is not whether we should listen to experts in matters of health. Rather, the fundamental issue is which experts we should listen to. Who exactly is making the threat assessment?

Yes, safety and health are paramount priorities. But it is for this very reason that they’re perfect tools for control and manipulation by people acting in bad faith with a sinister, nefarious agenda.

We are being told to obey the “public health” experts. But it really doesn’t take much time to research the history of “public health” and see just how correct and reliable it has been in the past (e.g., see here, here, here, and here). Ten minutes of research on Google will lead you to many past incidents when public health officials not only got it wrong, but they deliberately lied—with regard to pesticides, vaccines, firearms, and much more.

Public health is a part of politics, and politics is about money, power, and control. So public health is not about science and truth; it’s nothing but a propaganda machine.

The medical industry in general is joined at the hip to Big Pharma, which controls medical school and medicines in order to maximize profit, not healing and good health. Those who offer cheaper, more natural, and healthier alternatives to expensive synthetic pharmaceutical products are persecuted and marginalized, their businesses are outlawed, and they are even sometimes killed.

It would be one thing if these rabbis were naïve in their health decisions about their own lives. It’s another thing entirely if they impose this naivete on the community.

These rabbis are not doing their due diligence to question the narrative that we’re being told. And this negligence is even more egregious now than when the scare began.

The truth has increasingly emerged in recent weeks that we were sold a hoax: Covid-19 is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu, and likely less so. We were given false information about the death toll in Italy. The numbers were padded and governments worldwide are giving unethical financial incentives to hospital administrations to falsely classify deaths from other causes as Covid-19 deaths. The CDC issued directives to classify deaths assumed to be from Covid-19 even without a test. The tests are utterly faulty and don’t even test for Covid-19. The original mathematical model was grossly exaggerated and completely flawed from the outset. The media is using crisis actors to hype up the fear. According to testimonies, the hospitals in New York, the supposed hotspot for Covid-19, are systematically murdering the Covid-19 patients and that is in fact what is causing the higher death count there.

Yet all these facts are largely ignored by the governments, so they are also ignored by the rabbis. This is surreal. You have to wonder, why are the governments ignoring these developments? And why are the rabbis playing along?

These are often the same rabbis who told us to obey the “health experts” with regard to vaccines, despite the numerous reports coming out that many children are severely injured by vaccines. But because the government ignores that and mandates the vaccines, the rabbis push us to conform and not to try to find exemptions.

They are the blind leading the blind.

Their blindness is astonishing. The truth about the other side of the story is now so widespread that it’s hard to think that this attachment to the official story is not willful. It is unpleasant to speculate on what motivates this irrational compliance. It could be concern about their image and a desire that rabbis not be seen as “bucking the system”, a desire for their schools and synagogues to receive the continued support of wealthy patrons, or to receive continued government funding and grants to ease the financial burden on their institutions. Or it could be simply a blind spot due to a naive overestimation of the wisdom of the official public health officials, due to the psychological influence of the inflated status of “official culture” to which all citizens are susceptible. But the explanation of the motive in any given case is irrelevant. This phenomenon of blind acceptance of the official government narrative on matters of health is shameful and terrifying.

Now that the rabbis are mostly blindly following the so-called government-approved “health experts”, and the sheople are mostly blindly following the rabbis, we have a serious problem.

This is a very slippery slope.

The problem is the automatic conformity. All based on an endless, constantly repeated argument from authority. All without considering dissenting medical voices and blatant conflicts of interest. All based on the presumption that in matters of public health policy in our institutions, the government and only the government knows best and therefore it must call the shots.

These people are not thinking clearly; they’re obeying like robots. They’re not willing to consider anything that deviates from the official narrative. They’re not willing to listen to an argument presenting reason and evidence and adjust their opinion accordingly. They automatically dismiss anyone questioning the official narrative as a nutcase. They’re viewing the official narrative as religious dogma, all while failing to stand up for our human and religious rights.

They say that we need to keep the shuls (synagogues) closed because opening might endanger lives, but I guarantee you that if you would ask these same rabbis to take some action about the even potential danger of the Wifi in the schools or the 5G towers (being installed right now while we are in lockdown) right near the schools, they would give you a funny look and dismiss your concerns. If you would say that the documented harms of vaccines declared by SCOTUS is reason not to mandate them and to allow parents to decline mandates, many would dismiss your arguments and tell you to obey the government.

Nor do we ever hear statements on the harm from radiation from cellphones, on the harm from psychiatric drugs, or on the harm from a sugary diet of processed foods.

So the claim that this is about health is disingenuous. What’s really going on here is blind obedience to government, not to true, unbiased health experts.

To be precise, on May 7, Rabbi Moshe Hauer, representing the Orthodox Union, the OU, interviewed Big Pharma shill Dr. Anthony Fauci and then issued a statement of guidelines for all synagogues, following Fauci’s words completely, including his recommendation that the Orthodox community use contact tracing!

Likewise, on May 8, the Sydney Beth Din (echoing an earlier call on April 30 by Melbourne and Sydney layleaders) released a statement calling on the community to download the voluntary “CovidSafe” contact tracing app! And I quote:

This technology is immediately reminiscent of the dystopian novel 1984, by George Orwell, which is studied by all who attend Western high schools, which describes the evil that can occur when government seizes absolute power. 1984 warns us about the possibility of an all-pervasive surveillance state, and sadly, this scenario is fast becoming a reality through various technologies.

But “Contact tracing” takes the surveillance state to a whole new level of Orwellian control. To have the government track your every move and record everyone with whom you’ve come into contact! And then arrest you and imprison—sorry, “quarantine”—you just because you came into contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19 (using a faulty test)?! Since when does Jewish law endorse such police state measures?

These statements supporting tracing apps should send a shudder down our spines and make our hair stand on end. They justify every deprivation of freedom in the name of safety, all in total denial of the fact that Covid-19 has been proven not to be a pandemic!

A pandemic is defined by huge numbers of people getting severely ill and dying. Where are these huge numbers? Nowhere!

It’s nothing but a scamdemic!

And yet the leaders still support further harsh measures!

Where will it end?

Will the rabbis and the layleaders demand the people take various tests—saliva tests, blood tests, and temperature tests—before being allowed to return to the schools, the rabbinical colleges, and the synagogues?

Will the rabbis and the layleaders demand the people take a vaccine, along with an invisible ink tattoo, before being allowed to return to the schools, the rabbinical colleges, and the synagogues?

Will the rabbis and the layleaders demand the people submit to being microchipped before being allowed to return to the schools, the rabbinical colleges, and the synagogues?

What if the government comes and tells us that a certain area is entirely contaminated and everyone must be evacuated to an undisclosed location, will the rabbis support that too?

Exactly how many freedoms will they support we surrender in the name of obeying the apparently infallible public health officials?

We expect more from leaders. That’s why they’re the leaders. They have a greater voice and influence, and a greater responsibility. They have failed us.

These leaders are in denial, just like the vast majority of the members of the community. Have courage! Ignore them!

It should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway because I believe it needs to be emphasized: The only health experts that are truly reliable and authoritative are those independent of government. Not that they’re perfect, but they at least stand a chance of being honest and pure.

What is really going on is that we are being robbed of our rights and freedoms, and they will never, ever come back the way they were with this naïve, compliant, mindless attitude. Unless we expose this Big Lie, our civil liberties as citizens of western democracies will not return, nor will our religious freedoms to gather and pray freely. And by freely, I mean without a certificate of immunity, a temperature test, a vaccine, or a microchip. Those worried about catching the dreaded disease are free to stay home, but those who choose to come to the synagogue should be entitled to make their own choices and to take their chances.

We need to get ready to say no. No to contact tracing, no to mandatory testing, no to vaccine mandates, no to government intervention in our private lives, no to anything that inhibits our freedoms. And we need rabbis to support us and lead us in this refusal. And if they choose to be so blind that they would rather fall right into this devious trap set by the elites who are putting out this propaganda, we reject them as our leaders.

If you’re a rabbi, consider the words of the critics. Consider the illogical and excessive enforcement of the lockdowns, the deployment of drones, four-legged robots, tanks, the national guard, children needlessly separated from parents, and the signs of upcoming mandatory vaccination. Remember the lessons of history and the danger of a rapid introduction of tyranny through deception. We study history so we will learn its lessons and be vigilant against such events recurring. We are not immune today and I would submit that we are living through just such a takeover, under the guise of a staged and largely bogus pandemic.

If you’re a congregant, please approach your rabbi and bring the words of the critics of the official story to his attention. Let’s hope he takes you seriously. If not, go to your fellow congregants and try to influence those among your friends whom you think might take you seriously. If they do, get them to approach the rabbi. If this fails, sorry to say, you need a new rabbi and a new congregation. Start your own breakaway minyan (prayer service).

If you’re reading this and you’re a Christian, the same goes for you. Please approach your pastor, priest, and fellow worshipers and attempt to educate them.

When government tyranny is intensifying and yet the death toll is extremely low, we should all be able to tell that this is not at all about a virus. The alleged virus is a pretext for an unprecedented, worldwide power-grab. If leaders—whether religious or lay leaders—have any value, if leaders were ever needed, it would be to speak out against this grave, rapidly growing threat to the freedom of all mankind.

Even if despite all the proof coming out that the numbers are padded, these rabbis (mistakenly) still consider the virus a serious threat, why can’t they at least also see that the danger from this government power-grab is just as serious, if not vastly more? If these rabbis can call for caution against the virus, why won’t they also come out against draconian government restrictions and mandates?

In fact, no rabbi or lay leader should be promoting any measures at all. Covid-19 has been proven a lie. There is no pandemic and there never was and now it’s totally obvious. The reason the government won’t admit that, is that this was all planned from the outset—it’s a plannedemic. But we should not let ourselves to be played for fools! At this point anyone, no matter how otherwise respectable he may be, who willfully ignores this ongoing deception is complicit in enabling it.

Don’t obey these rabbis and layleaders. Use your basic G-d-given critical thinking skills. Obey your conscience and obey common sense.

Demand that your rights and freedoms be honored. Resist tyranny and mind control, no matter who is brainwashed into imposing it.

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